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what others are saying:
blush-worthy praise for dr. mamie

"Dr. Mamie has been such a gift in my life for the past year.  When I started working with her, I was already on a healing journey for some time and feeling desperate and discouraged.  So many things were out of balance with my health (skin, digestion, my cycle and overall reproductive health, energy, mental health, sleep..)  From the initial intake (which was the most detailed and thorough intake I’ve ever completed) I felt relief that I could trust the healing process with her as my guide. The experience and wisdom Dr. Mamie brings to her patients is invaluable and allows her to look at health symptoms from multiple lenses.  With every appointment and with each new treatment plan it was always so clear to me how dedicated she was in helping me heal, and when my symptoms all began to turn around and some symptoms completely healed (!), she celebrated with me at my success.  It feels so amazingly peaceful to finally be on an upward trajectory with my health.  It’s truly a treasure to find a practitioner who creates a sacred space for understanding and non-judgment.  She truly knows how to listen and provide you with a treatment plan that is perfect for you at that time.  It’s hard to put into words how grateful I am for the time, attention to detail, compassion, and wisdom she has given me. I could not recommend her more highly!"


"Dr. Mamie has been a life changer for me.  I have had stomach issues for a long time, and as most people, have used doctors in our medical field.  I have taken their test and the medicine as prescribed.  I was counting on this system to help me, but I never got better, I only got worse. 

As a matter of fact they looked at me in quizzical amazement because their test showed nothing was wrong.  After my stomach totally shut down, I began looking for different alternatives. I mentioned this once to a prominent GI doctor and he flatly told me not to bring up this information to him again.  That was about the time the news broke that Zantac can cause cancer.  That was a medication I was using!  I decided to never go back.  I changed my diet and started on a journey to find someone who knew and understood the new research and was equipped to handle my issues. Dr Mamie was the answer to that search.  She first of all listened to me with respect and compassion.  She looked at older lab test results and new ones she ordered, and a plan was formed. She gave me diet advice, a vitamin regimen, and natural medicines to take care of the issues the doctors should have caught. Today I'm so much better, and I give Dr Mamie the credit. She is there with me every step of the way encouraging me.  She is convinced I can get even better and I cannot wait to see how that will be for me. I will continue seeking her skilled advice, and encourage anyone who feels left out of the current medical system to come see Dr. Mamie!" 


"I am grateful for Dr. Mamie's individualized recommendations. She has helped me problem solve and improve my health by looking at the whole picture. I love the preventive and healing aspects of her practice. She doesn't isolate and treat, but she helps you improve your overall wellbeing."


"Dr. Mamie is patient, enthusiastic, a wonderful listener, and helped instill the confidence in me that I needed to endure the stress and unpredictability of my health. I have truly felt heard, and that my observations and efforts are respected, honored and supported. It has been extremely validating for me to have Dr. Mamie treating me for such chronic and protracted health issues. Up until that point I had little hope and confidence in my ability to heal physically.  I recommend her to anyone willing to take responsibility for their health and enjoy the best life has to offer.  Thank you with all my heart…"


"I started seeing Dr. Mamie mainly out of curiosity.  I had no idea how she would change my life for the better!  My gut issues have been resolved, and I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had in years!"


"I feel very lucky to have Dr. Burruss as my doctor. She possesses a radiant energy that inspires and empowers her patients to take control of their health. Her gentle and supportive nature are invaluable because often, the journey to wellness can be rocky. Dr. Burruss embodies the spirit of natural medicine and I am grateful for the level of health she has helped me attain."


"Dr. Burruss is the type of person who is attentive and engages her patients. There's no conversation that she's unable to wholeheartedly listen to without judgement. She knows how to hold space for her patients. She's the type of doctor who still thinks of better ways to help treat you even after you have left her office. If one word could describe her it would be: angelic. I wouldn't think twice about seeing her. If this is your first visit then rest assured that you have found a caring, compassionate, and competent doctor."


"Dr. Mamie made me feel so comfortable and confident about naturally taking charge of my health — all of it! I feel like I can just see her instead of a number of mind + body practitioners."


"Dr. Burruss is exceedingly intelligent, very caring and empathetic, and I know put in extra time and effort to research potential side issues that might have been impacting my health condition.  One thing I especially appreciated is her clear communication and compassionate courage to discuss “difficult” topics, which created an openness to talk freely about anything.  That openness is so important—it can make a world of difference in health outcomes. I wholeheartedly recommend her to others." 

~B. D.

"My life was forever changed the day I met Dr. Mamie.  It’s been five months since our meeting and my life looks nothing like it did before.  I am off my prescription drugs for acid reflux and eczema, and I’ve never had more energy!  Thank you, Dr. Mamie, from the bottom of my heart!"


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